(Bhatia Curry)

Serves – 4


Kadi is of medium consistency and the colour varies from light green to dark green *. The cooking time of Kadi is approximately l½ hours. The taste of the Kadi is a combination of spicy, tangy and sweet.



Asafoetida – pinch

Banana (optional) – 1 no.

Banana peel (optional) – 1 no.

Cluster beans – 8 nos.

Cocum flowers – 8 nos.

Coriander leaves – 2 tblsp.

Cumin – 1 tsp.

Curry leaves (leaves only) – 4 sprigs

Dried red chillies – 3 nos.

Drum sticks (scrapped into 2” pieces) – 1 no.

Fenugreek seeds – 2 tsp.

Gram flour – 4 tsp.

Green chillies – 6 nos.

Green gram – 2 tblsp.

Jaggery – 10 gms.

Ladyfinger – 5 nos.

Oil – 1 tblsp.

Potatoes (large) – 1 no.

Salt – to taste

Turmeric powder ½ tsp.

Water – for gram flour batter

Water* – 2 ½ litres

White gram / Chick peas (soaked overnight) – 3 tblsp.

Yam – 30 gms.


1.)        Soak the green gram and the white gram separately overnight.

2.)        In a toap, heat the oil on a medium flame. Add white gram, clusterbeans and yam. Stir for half a minute. Add green gram, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida, cumin seeds, chopped green chillies, red chillies, curry leaves. Stir for approximately 1 minute or till the cumin and fenugreek start browning.

3.)        Add water to this tempered mixture.

4.)        Add cocum flowers and put it on a high flame till it starts boiling.

5.)        When the mixture starts boiling, reduce it to a medium flame for approx. 30 minutes.

6.)        In a bowl, take the gram flour and add sufficient water to make a watery batter.

7.)        Add this batter to the Kadi mixture. (This is used as a thickening agent)

8.)        Add chopped pieces of potatoes, drumsticks, salt and turmeric powder. Cook for another twenty minutes or till the potatoes are almost cooked.

9.)        Add ladyfinger and jaggery. (Optional – chopped pieces of banana and banana peel can also be added at this stage. The addition of banana will give the Kadi a slight flavour of Banana) Let the curry cook for another 30-40 minutes or till all the vegetables in the Kadi are tender.

10.)    Serve hot with chopped coriander leaves.

To serve

* Kadi is served with Choka topped with an option of Moong (Ufra / Gutiya), Tuvar ji dar or Moonga ji dar . The water used for boiling these dals is usually added to the Kadi rather than plain water except in the case of Moong dal. (This is not only healthy since all the nutrients are retained in the boiled water but it also adds to the flavour of the Kadi) Depending on the dal used as a topping, the colour of the Kadi changes – for example if moong water is used than the colour of the Kadi is dark green; if tuvar dal water is used than the Kadi is a lighter shade of green).

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