(Jaggery Ball Candy)

Makes – 8 pieces


Refined Flour – 1 cup

Jaggery – ½ cup

Water – ½ cup

Till seeds – 1 tblsp.

Ghee- ¼ cup

Oil – for frying


1.)    In a toap, heat water on a medium flame. Add jaggery pieces and allow it to melt and blend with the water. Stir occasionally. Cook till it attains a thick syrupy texture.

2.)    In a separate vessel, mix refined flour, till seeds and ¼ cup ghee.

3.)    Blend in the jaggery syrup to the flour mixture.

4.)    Add a couple of drops of water to this and knead the mixture to make a hard dough. Divide into 8 small balls.

5.)    Heat the oil for frying on a medium flame. When hot, fry the Lolas till they become creamish in colour.

6.)    Remove and drain off the excess oil. Allow them to cool and serve.

To serve

Lolas have a shelf life of approximately 15 days. They are usually served for Breakfast with Roasted PappadLola is also made during Thado.

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