Milk – 3 litres

Sugar – 500 gms.

Pistachio (unsalted – chopped) – 5 nos.

Silver leaves (edible) – 3 sheets


1.)    In a kadai, boil milk on a medium flame. When boiled, reduce the heat to a low flame and stir continously till the milk is 1/3rd its original quantity. The milk will acquire a granular consistency and will become light brown in colour.

2.)    Add sugar. Keep stirring till the sugar blends in and is completely dissolved. Remove from the heat.

3.)    Let the Rabri to cool. Remove it in a bowl and add the pistachio nuts. Refrigerate.

4.)    Before service, garnish the Rabri with edible silver leaves.

5.)    Serve chilled.

To serve

Rabri is usually served chilled after dinner. It also forms one of the ingredients for making Falooda; Chilled Rabri goes well with hot Jallebi.

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