(Sweet Rice)

Serves – 3

Tari is one of the main festive items and is usually eaten on important occassions and festivals.



Rice – 1 cup

Sugar – 1½ cup

Saffron – 1 gm.

Ghee – 1 tblsp.

Almonds (chopped) – 4 nos.

Pistachio (Unsalted – chopped) – 4 nos.


1.)    In a toap, boil the rice using the draining method (Do not add salt). Cook till it is nearly done( The rice should not be fully cooked it should be removed when it is slighly uncooked otherwise they will become soggy when sugar is added)

2.)    Transfer the boiled rice from its toap to a kadai.

3.)    Add sugar, saffron, 3 chopped pistachio and 3 chopped almonds to the boiled rice. Do not add water at all. Place a tawa under the kadhai and let the rice cook on a medium flame.

4.)    Let the sugar caramelize and the rice will start turning golden yellow in colour. Stir very lightly occasionally without breaking the rice grains.

5.)    Cook till the entire sugar is caramelized and is absorbed by the rice.

6.)    Add melted ghee to the Tari a few minutes before service.

7.)    Serve piping hot garnished with the remaining chopped pistachio & almond.

To serve

Tari is eaten with Teedali Poath (pg. ) and Batatay ja tuk (pg.     )

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  1. Veena says:


    My mum puts elichi jo bhooko on top with the almonds and pistacios and it tastes yummy.

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