Yogesh Mistry from Mumbai wrote at March 4, 2012:
Hi, Today I have read an article on the food habits of Thathai Bhatia community in the news paper DNA and I am imprssed to know that community is bonded togather because of food/cuisine. I am not a Bhatia but I visited your website to know more about your community and cuisine. Hats off to all in your community and especially to those who have put up this website
Deepa wrote at September 18, 2011:
Glad to know that the site is useful to you and reminds you of your dadi.....thanx for appreciation and the good wishes.
Renuka Desai(Bhatia) from Thattai Bhatia(Tiwatia) wrote at September 12, 2011:
I am very thankful to U people. I feel i got my Dadi Back teaching me all the Bhatia Receipes....this site is a boon to people like me who have married in other communities and have lost touch with the Bhatia Khana ! Thanks to U Team once again. Gr8 Job...Keep it up ...Lots of Blessings for ur prosperity and growth.
Haresh Chetnani from Thatta / Bahrain /Mumbai /Muscat/Dubai / Indore/Noida/Pune wrote at June 30, 2011:
I am completely amazed and extremely thank ful to everyone involved in creating and maintaining this wonderful site. A couple of suggestions (And I am willing to be of whatever assitance that I can provide) 1. Glossary is sorted according to the English names. Can we see if we can provide options for sorting on Sindhi (Bhatia) names 2. While I have travelled the world over and compromised with the food as even the ingredients in English terminology are difficult to get in countries like US and one needs to find an "Indian Store" to get the right ingredient. May be we could introduce all the variants (even in English) in the glossary to the extent we can 3.The other challenge I have seen is names of some very common ingredients different in different states of India for example - Miya in our language is "Tinda" in Pune but I don't know what it is called in MP and NCR. I have stayed both in Indore and Noida too and making people understand common ingredients (Bee, Seengee, Lunka, Mariro, Chuko are some examples)is a challenge. please let me know if I can help
Sunil K Bhatia from Dubai (Thatta) wrote at March 16, 2011:
lovely site, i'm sure this can go a long way. let me know if i can help in any way to maintain the site - assuming you all volunteer your time for this... Else good luck, and keep it up.
Minal Ashar from Bhatia wrote at March 4, 2011:
Your website is a treasure house of age old delicacies. I love the balance of flavor and nutrition in our Bhatia cuisine. Kudos to the team behind this effort!
Neha Dadlani from India...Mumbai wrote at February 15, 2011:
I am not Bhatia, but love Bhatia community food. I have few bhatia friends, and I just relish their food. Today I was googling for Magh methi...and i chanced upon this site...Magh methi has come out great...and this site is gonna be my benchmark for cooking. thanks.
Harish Bhatia from Thatha wrote at December 21, 2010:
Its amazing. I am very happy to see that this has been put together in such a professional way. Thanks to all the people who are behind this initiative.
RANJAN GANGU GAJARIA from MUMBAI wrote at November 30, 2010:
RANJAN GANGU GAJARIA from MUMBAI wrote at November 30, 2010:
Kapil Raigaga from Dubai wrote at November 16, 2010:
Very Informative website, well organised.
Bharat P Khiara wrote at September 24, 2010:
wonderful site which will surely help our young families coming up good work
admin wrote at September 21, 2010:
Jai Shree Krishna ...thanx for the kind words and appreciation.
Chandrika Kandhari wrote at September 20, 2010:
jai shri krishna. well done.many many best wishes 2 both of u. keep it up.u've done wonderful job by creating this site. yr book was also popular. moms & grandmoms are giving yr book as a gift 2 their daughters & grand daughters.
Deepa wrote at September 15, 2010:
Hi Hemant..glad to know the site is useful to you...thanx.
Hemant Gajria wrote at September 14, 2010:
Great site Deepa and Bharat, this is awesome. You cannot imagine how helpful this site is. Very nice...
Barkha Khira from Mumbai wrote at August 4, 2010:
I think this website is simply great...! I have your book too. Its of great help :)
Deepa wrote at August 2, 2010:
Hi Heena! You can refer "Gidray Jo Saag" for the recipe.
Heena wrote at July 28, 2010:
Do you have receipe for pirtakale(pumpkin) jo saag.
Deepa Chachara wrote at July 20, 2010:
Hi Adam! Sorry for the late response.Regarding your query about 'besan ka chila', I would recommend you refer the 'garari'recipe under the Nashta category of Put 1 tbsp. of oil in the batter and dont cook it on slow flame.The griddle should be moderately hot before you pour the batter on it and it should be cooked on medium flame. This time you will get it just right.TC and keep me posted.
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