BELAN – CHAKLO (Bay~lun – Chuck~low)

Belan is a wooden / stainless steel rolling pin. Chaklo is a round marble / wooden platform. Belan -Chaklo is used for rolling dough to make various Breads.

CHAKU (Cha~koo)

It is the common term used for all types of Knives.

CHARANI (Cha~run~nee)

It is a general term used for strainers of all sizes.

CHIMTO (Chim~tow)

It is a horizontal Tong used for roasting an item on a direct flame (for example Pappad, Phulko). It is also used for the service of Rotis.

HAMMAM – DASTO (Hum~maa~mm – Dus~tow)

It is a Mortar – Pestle, usually made of Brass, Iron or Stainless Steel. Hammam – Dasto is used for pounding spices but is rapidly being replaced in the modern kitchen with a Mixer/Grinder.

JHARAN (Jha~run)

It refers to a perforated frying spoon, which is available in various sizes and shapes of perforation. Jharan is used mainly to make savouries like Besan, Moti Channa, Fafria, Ganthias etc.

KADAI (Cud~aah~iee)

It is the term used for a Deep frying pan similar to a Chinese Wok. A Kadai can be used for Deep Frying, Shallow Frying and even sautéing. The most common ones Kadais used are the ones made of Iron and Stainless steel.

KUNCH (Cun~chh)

It is a perforated frying spoon (round in shape). It is usually on the lighter side as compared to Jharans. It is used mainly for removing fried items from a Kadhai.

KEVAI (Cave~aie)

It is a round spoon with a hollow base. Kevai is used for stirring curries and is also used in the process of tempering.

 KHARRAR (Khur~ar)

It is a boat shaped mortar – pestle. The common varieties of Kharrar are usually made of black stone or marble. Kharrar is used for manually grinding small quantities of spices or saffron.

 KHURPI (Khur~pee)

It refers to a flat spoon. It is mainly used for flipping / turning items like Parathas / Garari.

 LO JO JHARAN / LO JI KADHAI (Low Joe Jah~run / Low Jee Cud~aah~iee)
Lo Jo Jharan refers to a perforated spoon made of Iron and Lo Ji Kadhai refers to a deep frying pan made of iron. These two untensils are used to prepare Osan. Cooking a curry in Lo ji Kadhai, not only makes the curry darker in colour, it also adds iron to it.

MANDIRO (Mun~dee~row)

It is the traditional version of an Egg -Beater. Usually made of wood, it is a long wooden stick with a Star shaped base. It is mostly used for churning curds. The larger varieties, which are used in villages have a rope tied along the wooden stick, which had to be pulled to & fro by two persons in order to churn.

PAAT (Pah~aat)

It refers to the utensil in which the dough is kneaded. Usually made of Stainless steel, it has a Flat base with sides slanted outwards.

PAKKAR (Puck~ar)

It is a vertical Tong used for holding Kadhais, Tawas, Toaps etc.


PARRAN (Purr~run)

It is a Flat Colander.

REKABI (Ray~ka~bhee)

It is a general term used for all sizes of lids for covering pots and pans.

TAWA (Tuh~wah)

It refers to an Iron Griddle. It is slightly concave in shape. It is used for roasting Breads like Phulko, Koki and snacks like Garari etc.

TOAP (Tow~phh)

It is a Pot. Traditionally made of Brass or Copper, it is now days replaced by the Stainless Steel varieties. Toaps are available in various shapes and sizes with a Flat or a rounded Base. It has straight sides with a horizontal rim.

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