Steamed Rice Pancakes

(by Jyoti Nilesh Bhatia)


For the Uttapa

Rice – 1 cup

Gram flour – ½ cup

Ginger – ½” piece

Green chillies – 2 nos.

Salt – to taste

Yoghurt – 2 tblsp.

Oil – 1 tblsp.

For the topping

Tomato – 1 no.

Green capsicum – 1 no.


1. In a bowl, combine the rice, gram flour, yoghurt with water to make a thick batter of pouring consistency.
2. Add finely chopped ginger, salt and chopped green chillies to this batter.
3. Chop the tomato and green capsicum used for the topping and mix it. Keep it aside.
4. Heat a flat griddle on a medium flame and pour some oil on it.
5. When hot, pour some batter with a ladle and form a circle like a pancake.
6. The Uttapa should be on the thicker side. Cook on one side and turn it to cook on the other side.
7. When turning, place some chopped tomato-capsicum mix in the centre of the uttapa.
8. Flip it again and cook on the other side again. Cook till light brown in colour.

To serve

Chokan ja Uttapa is served hot with coconut chutney or green coriander chutney. It can be served for breakfast or as an evening snack.