(Red Rice Flour Pudding)


Red Rice Flour – 1 cup
Whole wheat flour – ¼ cup
Powdered sugar – ¾ cup
Ghee – 2 tblsp.
Oil – 1 tblsp.
Oil or Ghee – for frying
Whole peppercorns – 3 – 4 nos. (optional)


  1. Mix red rice flour, whole-wheat flour and 1 tblsp. of oil in a paat. Add a little water to make a semi-soft dough.
  2. Divide the dough into 5 portions and round them to make balls.
  3. Roll out each ball into 2” in diameter. The rolled out Puris will be on the thicker side.
  4. Heat the oil or ghee for frying. When hot, fry the rolled out Puris on both the sides till they are crisp. Remove and drain off the excess oil/ghee.
  5. Crush these fried Puris into small pieces.
  6. In a separate pan, heat 2 tblspn. ghee. When hot, roast the crushed Puris for a few minutes. Add powdered sugar and coarsely ground peppercorns. Mix thoroughly and allow it to cook for some time.
  7. Keep it on the pan for some time. Serve hot.

To serve

Garay Chokay jo Churmoo  is served with roasted Pappad.

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