(Edible Gum Mix)



1 Cup Khorn (edible gum)
1 Cup Almond Powder
1 Cup Pistachio Powder
1/4 Cup Khas Khas
1/4 Cup Black Pepper Powder
1/2 cup Aariya (Roasted in a dry pan)
1/4 Cup Dry Ginger Powder
2 tbsp. Vavring
2 tbsp. Cardamom powder
21/2 Cups Sugar (ground)


  1. In a Kadai, heat ghee on a medium flame. When it is hot fry the edible gum and drain it. Alternately, the edible gum can also be roasted in a Kadai.
  2. In a separate pan, dry roast the aryas.
  3. Mix all the above ingredients together in a large bowl. Mix well and store it in an air-tight container.

To serve

Khorn is considered to be very healthy and is especially eaten in winters and is given to a lady after child – birth. Usually 1-2 tbsp of khorn is eaten followed by warm milk.

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