(Almond & Poppy seed Milk Cooler)

Thanda Thanda, Cool Cool- Amazing Benefits of Thandai - Milk Bae


Thandai Masala Powder Recipe + Video - Whiskaffair
For Thadai Masala
Poppy seeds – ½ cup
Whole black peppercorns – 2 tblsp.
Cardamom – 12 – 14 pieces
Dry Rose Petals – 3 tblsp.
Almonds – 15 pieces
Aniseed – 1 tblsp.
Dry sweet melon seeds – 1 tblsp.
Cumin seeds – 1 tsp.
For Thadai
Sugar – 3 tsp.(per glass)
Milk – sufficient amount for each glass


  1. Soak the poppy seeds overnight.
  2. Soak the almonds for ½ hour before the start of preparation.
  3. Grind all the ingredients (except milk and sugar) with a little water to a fine paste. This paste is the Thadai Masalo.
  4. For making Thadai, take 1 tblsp. Thadai Masalo and blend it with ¾th glass of chilled milk. Mix well till the colour of the milk changes to light creamish in colour. Strain the mixture and transfer it to another glass. Add 3 tsp. of sugar to the milk and mix well. Serve ice cold.

To serve

Thadai is served chilled and is a very refreshing summer cooler. The proportions of Thadai Masala vary from household to household. Some people like the Thadai to be spicy, whereby the quantity of peppercorns doubles up to 4 tblsp.

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